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Welcome to Coach Sullivan’s Newsletter by me, Coach Sullivan. I spent summers working for the famous Tim Grover at Attack Athletics & former Dallas Mavericks player development coach Mike Procopio. I have experience working with NBA, International Pro, college, high school, and youth players.

I played college basketball, I coached at all levels of high school. I created my own AAU program that ended up winning one of the largest tournaments in the north east, the Rumble in the Bronx ; we beat the #1 team in the country at AAU nationals.

When your told by former NBA player John Wallace, “that you coach similar to Jeff Van Gundy and Pat Riley” and he played for them, well you continue to learn and teach what led to that statement, the details of the game.

I am looking to share what my mind goes through when I am coaching or working on player development. I am looking to share with you details of the game, and thoughts that may provoke growth as a player or coach. Learning never stops, I continue to learn the game so when my opportunity comes, we (player, team, organization) will succeed and win.

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